K Michelle aka Kimberly Michelle Pate is a singer and a reality TV star, She has figured in seven different reality TV-shows,  among them Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Love & Hiphop New York and she finally got her very own show K Michelle: My Life on VH 1.

Besides acting as herself she has been active in the music industry, at least since 2009 when a single was released featuring Missy Elliott. 

KIMBERLY: The People I Used To Know is her fourth album and probably her best yet. She is not aiming at Grammy’s as she sings, but she is doing this to feed her family. Or, as she sings in Kim K. Bad girl gets angry, the media can’t stand me.

Alfred Soto has an interesting point in his review for Pitchfork: “And it’s for those feelings that black women like Michelle are dismissed while, in her reckoning, black men pull the same shit yet are awarded Grammys.”