Waxahatchee is indie from Alabama. Out In The Storm is Waxahatchee and singer Katie Crutchfield’s fourth long play release after American Weekend (2012), Cerulean Salt (2013) and Ivy Tripp (2015).

They have toured with Canadian The New Pornographers across the United States and even played gigs in Scandinavia.

Both Pitchfork, Stereogum and Rolling Stone Magazine have Out In The Storm among their best albums of 2017 and here is the fourth list where Waxahatchee made it among the best longplayers of the year.

I move delicately
I slowly choose my words
And when my presence is felt
I’ll fly away just like a bird
A jagged truth left unheard
And I live a little more
I live a little more
And I die a little more
I die a little more

Her twinsister Allison Crutchfield speaks about Katie and Waxhatchees fourth record: ”

“Katie’s new album as Waxahatchee is called Out In The Storm, and it marks a lot of change for her as an artist, in my humble opinion. I think that it’s the first time that she’s worked with a real producer and worked in a real, live studio. Every other Waxahatchee record that she’s made has been made in a basement or someone’s house, produced by friends or a collaborator. So I think that sonically, it’s extremely different from anything that she’s done. … It’s also one of the first records she’s done with her actual live band, and I think that also marks a big change. But what really strikes me about it, and what I’m the most proud of on her behalf, I think, and proud of as her sibling, is lyrically that it’s a remarkable achievement for her. I think that it’s probably the most focused she’s ever been on any record that she’s made. And it’s probably the hardest I’ve ever watched her work as a lyricist. Lyrics and songwriting is something that has always been very easy for Katie, and I think that the older she gets and the more recognition she gets, that becomes harder, as it becomes harder for everybody who is in that same position.” (NPR)