big thief

Big Thief have played themselves right into in my heart. What a band! The Brooklyn quartet debuted last year with Masterpiece and they launched a second album shortly after the first and Capacity surely establishes them as indie darlings.

I get vibes of Mazzy Star and Cowboy Junkies at their best when I listen to the songs and stories of Big Thief and their singer Adrianne Lenker. And Shark Smile might be my favorite song of the year.

She was a shark smile in a yellow van
She came around and I stole a glance
In my youth, a vampire
Evelyn shown quiet as roses sting
It came over me at a bad time
But who wouldn’t ride on a moonlight line?
I had her in my eye, 85 down the road of a dead end gleam

And she said woo
Baby, take me
And I said woo
Baby, take me too

Evelyn’s kiss was oxygen
I leaned over to take it in
As we went howling through the edge of south Des Moines
It came over me at a bad time
She burned over the double line
And she impaled as I reached my hand for the guardrail
Ooh the guardrail
Ooh the guardrail

A song to make a movie from. Strong. Gripping. Tragic.

“Capacity is a remarkable record, one that proves that Big Thief are not a one-trick pony, they are the full circus. It is a complete journey, from the early collective cacophony of “Shark Smile” to the hypnotizing conclusion of “Black Diamonds.” There are bands with stories to share, wounds to rub salt into, loves to relive, but few address every moment with such adroit care as Big Thief. You can hear it as they revel in the darkest moments, rejoices in the later lightness, and fumble around for a sense of closure. Capacity is human, which seems to be all Big Thief desire.” (Pitchfork)