Jessie Ware has been a favorite of mine ever since her debut Devotion (2013) with that amazing ballad Wildest Moments. She continued a year later with Tough Love where I fell especially for Say You Love Me. 

33 year old Ware comes from Hammersmith, London and has had her school education in Dulwich and her academic studies of English Literature in Sussex.

She has toured with Jack Penate in the US and collaborated with SBTRKT (pronounce: Subtract). She is said to be a friend of (another one of my British favorite singers) Florence Welch and has done background work for Florende & The Machine. 

Not often, British musicians get critically acclaimed in the US, but Pitchfork is very positive to Jesse Ware’s new album:

“This is Ware’s particular talent: her ability to seamlessly flow from the specific to the general, from complicated to clear, her songs gradually including you. “Let’s get lost forever/Are you hearing me?” she sings; her words are echoed by Paul Buchanan, frontman of the glacial Scottish band the Blue Nile, who developed the form of immersive romanticism which Ware inhabits here. “Last of the True Believers” brings to mind a reel of discrete images of longing: thickets of illuminated buildings, streetlamps glowing through a thick fog, a love so intimate and powerful it not only maps onto the environment seamlessly but it changes it. It’s architecture. Ware is just a small part of the beautiful image, but she’s also the reason for it.” (Pitchfork)