Singer Jasmyn Burke of Toronto based fourpiece Weaves is writing mostly about her own experiences on the band’s second album Wide Open. 

I was a stranger inside of my body
I want to perish down on my knees
I was excited by all of your stories and all of your friends
I was a fighter hoping for freedom
I was a fellow walking the streets
I am a woman who feels the plight of these walls
So don’t tell me what you wanna hear, I don’t wanna hear it

“Leaner, more menacing, but still quintessentially Weaves, ‘Wide Open’ does what it says on the tin, in the best possible way. Flinging open the entrance to yet more invention, there’s no stopping this lot spinning their oddball yarn.” (DIY-mag)

Canada is a country of art-rockers and Weaves have come to play their part like Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Malajube and many others.