As late as in October this year, Rolling Stone Magazine has named Australian Alex Lahey as one of ten young new artists that you should take a closer look at.

For those who like Tegan & Sara, Lucy Dacus or Best Coast. 

Lahey sings about relationships which obviously are one of the main concerns of people in their early twenties.

I’m not really interested in being your friend
After all, you’re the one who started the end
Who knew this turnaround would be so quick?
But I figured it out, you’re just a bit of a dick
I can’t be bothered and I wanna be straight
But what we had just wasn’t that great
I need you to go but I want you to stay
This awkward exchange got me feeling this way
(Awkward Exchange)

“On her giddy rush of a debut, Australia’s Alex Lahey offers a remarkably focused set of sing-along choruses, punk-pop dynamics, and casually witty observations about relationships.” (Pitchfork)