Natalie Hemby has been a songwriter for many, many years, but Puxico is her debut record at 40. She has written for Toby Keith, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antibellum and other stars of country and the title of her album is the place she was born, Puxico, Missouri. Six of singles Hemby has written made it #1 on the Billboard list, one of them being White Liar which she gave to Lambert.

Music is an industry and sometimes it seems that nothing is as industrialized as country and its undoubted capital Nashville, Tennessee. Natalie Hemby is working for Creative Nation, a company run by Luke and Beth Laird. 

“All my close friends were already there. I wrote with Luke and Barry every other day, and I was always in Beth’s office playing her songs and talking about music. For me, it was a no brainer….”, describes Natalie Hemby how she finally came to the Laird’s company which has as its goal to bring songwriters and musicians together.

Nevertheless, this year writer Natalie Hemby took the step to perform own material. And it is different from her more industrial work aiming at the top of the charts.

“Somewhat surprising, though, is the album’s aesthetic, which hews far closer to Americana rock than it does the radio-ready country for which Hemby become known. Unfortunately that means you won’t hear these particular Hemby tunes on your FM dial anytime soon, but that’s radio’s loss. Puxico shows a country songwriter at the top of her game, even if it isn’t at the top of the charts.” (Rolling Stone)