A long awaited album was released this summer, when 27 yo Solána Imani Rowe released her debut Ctrl. Her artist name is SZA (pronounced ‘Siza’ or sɪzə if you know phonetic transription). SZA stands reportedly for Savior Zig-Zag Allah.

SZA is from St.Louis, Missouri and her debut was a huge success, taking her to a peak at #3 in the Billboard charts, an award as “Best Album of the Year” from Time Magazine and several grammy nominations.

SZA explores R’n’B and its boundaries. Blends in hiphop and house and other genres. On Ctrl teher are collaborations with Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar, but she has alsoi contributed to Maroon5‘s new record.

How could it be?
20 something, all alone still
Not a thing in my name
Ain’t got nothin’ running from love
Only know fear
That’s me, Ms. 20 something

From “20 Something”.

A lot of songs on Ctrl are about insecurity of a young woman which give the album’s title a real meaning to sum up what she seems to be looking for.

“SZA has the grit to say that it doesn’t just feel shitty, it is shitty. She is in touch with love’s fragilities and understands that it is worth protecting, there is just a lot of tireless work to get it. The record is all the more beautiful for it.” (Pitchfork)

A great album, a star is born.