Pitchfork admits that it’s tempting to compare this album with former FF-member Father John Misty aka Joshua Tillman’s Pure Comedy:

“It’s incredibly tempting to compare Crack-Up and Pure Comedy, and almost unavoidable—both records are long and lack the pure pop moments of each artist’s past. They are almost excessively pretty in their orchestration, and follow a general narrative arc from total cynicism to the realization that each other is all we’ve really got. But Pure Comedy makes the game feel rigged to Tillman’s delight, a lecture where we’re all reliant on the professor for the answer key. Fittingly, Crack-Up takes the more rewarding perspective of the overwhelmed, but exhilarated student of the world—unsure about their place in the big picture, about the answers to life’s grand mysteries, but damn sure of their willingness to figure it out.”