Ashley Nicolette Frangipane is Halsey. Halsey is an anagram of her first name and a subway station in New York. Halsey is 23 years old and her voice caught me when I started listening to the first track of her debut album hopeless fountain kingdom. 100 Letters. The song tells a story of a failed relationship from start to end

You wrote a hundred letters just for me
And I find them in the closet in the pockets of my jeans

Now I’m constantly reminded of the time I was nineteen
Every single one’s forgotten in a laundromat machine

A bunch of autobiographical songs where Halsey deals with the break-up from Norwegian producer Lido. 

“Most daringly of all, Halsey strips down musically to lean on her voice in the vulnerable piano ballad “Sorry,” where she worries whether she’ll ever like herself enough to let anyone get close to her. She’s hardly the first twenty-something pop upstart to face this dilemma. But judging from Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, Halsey could go anywhere from here.” (Rolling Stone)