The second album of Californian sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim and I am completely in love with their music. Here we have a band that has been successful in combining critical acclaim and commercial success, two things that very often exclude each other.

After two years of nonstop touring with their first album Days Are Gone they literally came home to Los Angeles and walked right into the studios to write and record eleven songs that became Something To Tell You.

Pop music cannot get too much better these days.

“there’s still nothing like Haim around. No other rock band in popular music (an anomalous statement already) has mixed styles so seamlessly—rattling and gliding from one hook to another—so as to garner a remix from Giorgio Moroder, a feature from A$AP Ferg, an onstage jam with Jenny Lewis, and an opening tour slot for Taylor Swift. Time collapses; Haim’s music is the distinct result of a band schooled by their parents on Motown and funk while TLC was on Top 40, fronted by Danielle, whose formative experiences included sneaking out to Rilo Kiley gigs.” (Pitchfork)