Paramore is cult. Paramore is a band from Franklin, Tennessee and its lead singer Hayley Williams moved to Tennessee when her parents got divorced. Hayley was 14 years old when she met the other band members Josh and Zac Farro and Jeremy Davis. 

The first album was released when Hayley was 16 years old and the record label had decided they wanted to present the band who wanted to play pop punk on a small label to give them indie cred. Williams has launched several cosmetic lines, she has been an actress, she controls the band and that’s probably why the Farro brothers left some years ago. Many people thought that Hayley would split up the band for a solo career, but then “After Laughter” came out as Paramore’s fifth studio work in 13 years. And it’s sort of a pop triumph.

“Paramore’s fifth album is a pop triumph – but there’s some serious sadness underneath all the bangers” (New Musical Express)