I’ve seen Marika Hackman opening for Laura Marling at Södra Teatern in Stockholm some years ago and I was impressed by the now 25 year old singer/songwriter who comes all the way from London, England.

I’m Not Your Man is her second album and the one thing she has in common with Marling is coming from England and being what Britons like to call a songstress at times.

She does not want Good Intentions: 

“I don’t want your good intentions
I’m not your man, and I can
Sense your bullshit from my bedroom
It’s driving me mad, and upset”

Pitchfork calls the album a mixture of folk and Britpop, but it has also a lot of soul.

The lyrics are often a bit dark like in Violet

“I hold you here between my teeth
Slack like an elephant’s trunk
I’ll fight the urge to bite
Or I’ll get sticky resin in my gums”

This is not always easy listening, but it ‘s good stuff that Hackman delivers and I am never astonished how the UK can produce so many incredibly talented women year after year. Something must be done well over there.