swaerDiet Cig is not only an awesome band name. The New York duo consisting of singer Alex Luciano and drummer Noah Bowman have also released a beautiful debut album.

“It was weird in the back of his truck/Moaning my own name while trying to fuck”, sings Alex Luciano in Sixteen about dating someone with the same first name.

Which by the way is a true story. Luciano said: “That’s all very true and it comes from my life. We dated for long enough for me to be like ‘ok this is just too weird.’ Our friends thought of a lot of jokes, during that time. We are on fine terms now but I don’t know if he’s heard the song. Maybe he’ll hear it and be alright. Or maybe he’ll hear it and be mad, I don’t know,” in an interview with AXS.

“The New York boy/girl duo specialize in lovesick fuzz-pop on their fantastic debut album Swear I’m Good At This. Guitar-toting firecracker Alex Luciano keeps tripping over her own reluctant sentimental streak in these sardonic modern-love vignettes – as she sings, “It’s hard to be punk while wearing a skirt,” writes the Rolling Stone.

Pitchfork rating 5.1 (I don’t agree, but my favorite Indie-site must be allowed to be wrong at times. Their review was quite destructive which they can be occasionally with some Pitchfork-authors.)