We’re talking old time rock’n’roll here. And we’re talking Portland, Oregon. Sallie Ford’s album Soul Sick has the 60’s and 70’s all over it.

Sallie moved to Portland coming from South Carolina and started working as a waitress and trying to get together a band in a city she knew noone in. In 2011 she founded Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside and they got locally well known. The band split up in 2013 and Sallie pursued a career with her own name and a new band.

Soul Sick is Sallie’s 2nd album and it is a very personal one. She says: “I haven’t really written lyrics in such a vulnerable way before. And I have been through a lot that I believed was important to write about. I don’t know when exactly it was, but there was a big change in what I believed and my overall health.”

Hold that thought on the brain
I feel fucking insane
When I think it can’t get worse
The feeling comes and goes
And I wanna get out, I wanna get out!

A personal rock album in a pretty old fashioned way with banging drums and hauling guitars and a sometimes angry singer who wants to fight her demons in order to get to a better life.

Sallie is currently touring through France and will return to the US in December, unfortunately not playing Sweden. On Jan 20, she plays Mississippi Studios in her hometown Portland.


My favorite songs:

Record On Repeat
Screw Up
Loneliness Is Power
Get Out
Rapid Eyes