Julie Byrne comes from Buffalo in upstate New York and say that she has been influenced a lot by her father’s way to play the guitar. Pitchfork’s Sam Sodomsky has written a very nice piece about her: “Seeking Serenity in an Insane World“.

Julie says: “Whatever sense of confidence or presence comes across in this album is connected to the endeavor of trying to come ever nearer to a higher power that’s ultimately beyond the self.”

Sodomsky talked to Byrne while walking through the Manhattan Museum of Natural History. She reveals that she has been working as a park ranger in Central Park and that this was the first time she really felt that she could live in the city.

Her nine song album Not Even Happiness contains a lot of references to nature and in Melting Grid she describes time she has spent in the Pacific Northwest. Since I’ve been there this summer, I can connect very well to that song.

And would you ask my permission
The next time you absorb me?
Preserve my memory of the mystic west
As I lay no claim to the devotion I felt

Her singing reminds me a bit of Margo Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies. This is a silent, beautifully crafted album.

My favorite songs:

Melting Grid
Morning Dove
All The Land Glimmered Beneath

Julie has neither a Facebook-page nor a Twitter-account. You can visit her homepage.

She played Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR, supporting Steve Gunn in January 2017 and Stockholm and Fasching in September.